• Criminal Defense

    • What are some general guidelines to follow for my court appearance?
      Clients should show up on time - in fact, 15 minutes early is better. Go into the assigned courtroom and be ready to respond for the roll to be called (not in the courthouse hallway). Be clean of any illegal substances. Dress appropriately and respectfully for court - no shorts or t-shirts.
    • Can I get my record expunged?
      Like many situations in law, it depends on the facts. If your misdemeanor case was dismissed, it is likely you are eligible for an expunction. If the case involves a felony, matters are more complicated and your attorney will need to research the situation. Under some scenarios, a client may be entitled to a non-disclosure or a sealing or the record if the client was placed on deferred adjudication probabtion and successfully completed said probation.
    • Is it important to get my criminal case records expunged or sealed if possible?
      Absolutely! This procedure allows the client to truthfully state on a job application that he/she has never been convicted, prosecuted, or even arrested. The arrest is to be taken off official databases for public viewing.